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The Brooklyn Real Estate Market is On Fire!

Brooklyn Real Estate Market is Hot!

Come Feel the Heat
The news is great! The New York Post just published some numbers that show the Brooklyn Real Estate market to be hotter than ever!  With Manhattan rent costs rising, and apartment sizes shrinking, people are flocking to Brooklyn and all it has to offer. The desire to purchase in Brooklyn is strong as many Brooklyn entrepreneurs are opening new businesses and wish to live where they work.

Residents can enjoy fine dining, museums, and stunning visual vistas that are just a walk away. Brooklyn is not only the new cultural hotspot, but also offers a variety of cozy neighborhoods and great schools that are perfect to raise a family. Proximity to transportation and Manhattan is also a huge draw.

Numbers Don’t Lie
Record low mortgages and more reasonable sale prices are joining to boost property sales in Brooklyn…  Sales of everything from condos to brownstones leapt 6% higher than the same period in 2010.
Co-op sales rose almost 28% over the past year.

Sale prices dropped almost 6% for Co-ops and 8% for luxury properties over 1 million dollars. Real estate properties in Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens and Fort Greene had the highest average sale price of $745,330.

As supply and demand shift and prime properties get snatched up by savvy buyers, values have nowhere to go but up… Every purchase is an excellent investment!

Strike While the Iron is Hot!
Record low interest rates and present values make this the time to buy. Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage. Become the landlord!

Buy, Invest, Live — Brooklyn is the place to do it all.

Every Journey starts with a first step. Call today to discuss your future in Brooklyn.

The Awaye Realty Team of Real Estate Professionals